Monday, December 24, 2012

So Easy to Gain Weight but So Hard to Loose

Image source from: The Art of Donald McGill- George Orwell

Do not deny that we always heard this conversation, 'It's such a easy to become a fat man but to become a thin, ouh hard and die!' Now maybe u may even wondered you just spent your time for a vacation or during any of festivals even though you try cut out some food calories it is still u gain some weight. Now seemingly I want to discuss unbalanced equation of  weight gain vs. weight loss, the facts that surround the issue and how losing the 5 pounds feels so much harder than gaining them:


Calories Eaten = Basal Metabolic Rate + Physical Activity

If what you eat equals more than what your body uses, you will gain weight. In the situation of a vacation, it is likely that you eat more unhealthy food than normal and possibly get less exercise, resulting in an imbalanced equation, with a higher number of calories on the eaten side than on the burned side. That imbalance over the course of a few days can easily represent a few pounds.


One pound of body mass represents 3,500 calories. Regardless, if you are trying to lose a pound or gain a pound, the pound will always represent 3,500 calories. So, if you eat 3,500 calories more than your body requires, you will gain 1 pound. Similarly, if you eat 3,500 calories less than your body requires, you will lose 1 pound. Whether you are 120 pounds or 175 pounds, you will gain one pound from eating 3,500 calories more than you need. Unfortunately, this doesn't hold true for burning calories. How much you weigh actually dictates how many calories you burn per hour. The more you weigh, the more you burn, and as a result, the easier it is to lose the pound...sound crazy? It is true.


As if aging doesn't contribute enough to unfavorable things, it also contributes to weight gain. As we get older, our metabolism slows down, requiring us to need less food and calories. If you don't modify your caloric intake as you get older to reflect this change in metabolism, you will start to see weight gain.


"Protein is the building block of muscle," says Roberta Anding, R.D., a spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly the American Dietetic Association). "The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you expend." Your muscles can use only 30 grams of protein at any time, a study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association notes. Any more than that gets stored as fat. Aim for a minimum of 46 g of protein per day.

It's impossible to live in a worry-free bubble, but constant anxiety can cause your adrenal gland to pump out too much cortisol. High levels of the stress hormone change how your metabolism stores fat, sending flab to the belly, where it affects vital organs. 

"A vigorous workout raises your internal temperature, creates some inflammation and depletes your energy stores," says David C. Nieman, Ph.D., professor at Appalachian State University. "Afterward, it takes extra energy for your body to bounce back to its normal resting state." Intervals are great for upping calorie burn during your workout, but to keep metabolism high hours after you've left the gym, you need to exercise once or twice a week for 45 minutes at a steady level that makes it difficult to converse (about a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the hardest you could go). Relax after the tough workout, and revel as you burn nearly 200 more calories from your couch. "As you age, you start to lose some muscle mass," says Geralyn Coopersmith, an exercise physiologist and national director of the Equinox Fitness Training Institute. "Lifting weights helps you maintain and build on what you have, so your metabolism stays high."

As few as two sleepless nights can mess with your metabolism—increasing levels of the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates hunger, and decreasing levels of the hormone leptin, which tells you to stop munching—a study in Endocrine Development shows. Research also notes that sleep debt causes insulin resistance, interfering with how your metabolism processes fat and leading to weight gain. Seven to eight hours of sleep per night is considered the sweet spot, says Richard D. Simon Jr., M.D., of Providence St. Mary Medical Center in Walla Walla, Washington. The Up by Jawbone ($99) can help you track your zzz's. The bracelet uses motion sensors to monitor movement, calculating your calorie burn and how well you sleep.

The fiber in produce helps stabilize blood sugar levels, keeping your metabolism humming. Plus, the antioxidants in fruit and vegetables help your body get rid of free radicals, says Kantha Shelke, Ph.D., a spokeswoman for the Institute of Food Technologists. Free radicals can harm healthy cells—cells your body needs to keep your metabolism going strong. Unwanted pounds and health complications can result. Aim for 25 g to 30 g of fiber per day. To get the most benefit for your calories, load up your plate with these 10 foods, which, in addition to having fiber, Norwegian researchers have found are high scorers when it comes to antioxidant capacity: walnuts, pecans, sunflower seeds, dark chocolate, blackberries, cranberries, boiled artichokes, dried apricots, curly kale and red cabbage.

Reference: The Health Magazine, Yahoo Shine, Medic.Net, Science Today
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Artwork of Photography

20 December 2012

I woke up early in the morning. Blank at first,mind was empty and stared my mom cut the kuih. What is 'kuih' then? (for my viewers other than Malaysia) is a word that carries a meaning a dessert that made by Malay people mainly the main ingredient using a flour the most. Currently not only Malays can do this kuih but nowadays I believe other cultures exist in Malaysia, they do knew how to do it and even far more better than original Malays' one because they upgrading the ingredients, taste and appearance as well to make it looks nice and attractive. Okay, enough procrastinating about the word 'kuih', the main thing here is about the artwork of my photography today.

I do own my first DSLR. Nikon D5100 model with basis lens 18-55mm. I bought the camera that come together with a lens. Basically, most my professional friends said that if you wishing to buy a DSLR later on, they advise you to buy it separately means the body and the lens. I think it costs a lot and run off from my budget that is the reason why I am not buying like this. Nearly 3 months I guess I bought the camera. I dare and proud to say this, I am not so pro to use it yet and I am still a beginner and a lot to learn. Photography is not just merely you read and 'google' how to operate the DSLR only, but it far most work out if you always experimenting by using your camera. Of course it is a bonus if do some of reading of the skills.

The panorama picture above is one of my artwork today. Suddenly after I stared my mom cutting the kuih, my mind was thinking to do some photo shoot today. I think it must be nice to capture some pictures in a morning where you get natural light from sunlight. The effect that you will got is so amazing and stunning. I think without the use of speedlight is enough already to make your pictures so brilliant like you are professional photographer. Okay I will put some of my best pictures that I captured today. I am using Nikon D5100 with 18-55mm lens (basis). 

The weird thing is when you operate the DSLR not necessarily you bound and follow exactly like the function of the features of the camera. Believe or not, I am using Scene Mode for Pet the most in my pictures even though I do not capture a picture of animal. I stressed again here, photography is like an experiment in order to become professional and you capable to snap pictures in a fast working state by knowing which one features to be use is a pro. For me, of course I a bit slower and need to test again and again whenever I change the mode of the capture setting. You must really understand and know your own camera. Imagine you are in a wedding ceremony that require you to shoot instant pictures quickly or otherwise you will miss out beautiful event and this will makes your client unsatisfying with your artwork isn't it? Okay here it is my photos. Hope you like it and have a look :)

The last picture is what kuih is and in fact there are some others too.
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December and It's Christmas

It's December and Christmas

I am glad that I were born in a month of December. Seems like everything that I owned and possessed I really happy about that. Ouh I wish that one day I can bring my family migrate to some of other Europe countries perhaps. Why? Of course, I would like to experience snowy weather. Some feel that sucks, yeah it is abstract and depend on people. I am glad to have a snowy weather on December, so for sure I have to choose countries that experience Winter solstice on that month. I think being Decemberians were awesome! Now do not get me wrong, I am sure no matter what month you were in, you are still awesome as you are. It is great to born in December because in my perspective of view, people will cherish on this month with Christmas, eagerly to wait for New Year with new hopes and resolutions and of course my birthday yeah. Desperately, wishing one day I will get an opportunity with all my family go vacation to some of other Europe countries as I really like traveling but ouh hohoho I know my parents would not let me go alone even though at this age I should be more independent and do many things. ( Disappointed somehow..urgh )

It's my birthday! Does that button makes me happy enough? In fact let see first how it works. I am thinking that is not gonna work out. I told you my parents are so particular and I do not know why. Not blaming them to much but perhaps there is a strong reason. Anyway mom & dad I still love both yall just can both of you be "tame" enough to let me try new things in this world. Do not be afraid as I am your only daughter, I am yours that created with your colours and of course I won't forget what you teach me of do(s) and don't(s). Okay enough of procrastinating, I am glad to have my university friends because they celebrate my birthday. I do not expect much but really thankful to have them at least what they are is not like what parents are. My parents didn't celebrate you know. As I said I do not expect much but the efforts really far more can be appreciate isn't it? So on 14 December 2012 they do celebrated it. It's belated birthday. Yeah, must admit that you did a great job. I can't even smell the flaws and you all are good pretenders in creating drama and lie to me. Should received an award! Thanks yall. Appreciate it. So somehow you must be thankful to have friends, even though your friends perhaps are not friends that you want, what you expect them how o behave but they are really they. Learn to accept individual variations. Live happily and you can be happy.

So, what I got for gifts :

Ouh the cake is really nice indeed, last year they brough me a chocolate but for this year is a cheese cake. Nah that is so nice. Thanks for everything.

Ouh Ouh Ouh, have you all noticed that! On my Home page here at my blog I put a flying Santa with his deer plus a snowy flakes fall down in my homepage.

P/S : Merry Christmas to everyone with ❤
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lets Dance : POLE DANCE


Pole dance is a form of performing art and it is believed started in America in the 1920s. It is a type of art that combining a dance with gymnastics and involves with acrobatic tricks using vertical pole which nowadays becoming a popular fitness dance. A wide range of amateurs and professional competitions had held around the world. If we watch the pole dance movements, we can see it influenced by Chinese pole a type of acrobatics that is performed in cabaret or circus. 


It is so fascinating movements, I like gymnastics since I was small and did not missed to watch gymnasts performed during in any games. I like it because I am so impressed with gymnasts they can perform numerous flexible movements. At first, I had bad thoughts about pole dance. Usually pole dance is associated with negative things. Nude pole dancer perform in some of pubs, GROs, prostitutes, drugs and all other illegal activities always embellish in every newspaper headlines. So, Malaysian usually thought it is associated with sensuality and they tend to think like close-minded without thinking precisely. 

Actually in all every things, if we use it in incorrect way so it will turn to negative but if use in correct way so it will a positive thing. It is all depend on us, whether we want to use and know how to create positive opportunities in positive ways. So it is not a fault to do it, don't it? Of course as a Orient people, that are a lot of aesthetics values, courtesy and manners we need to consider of. Back to pole dance, of course it is not nice to you perform this dance in front of public with intention to seduce, shows sensuous and wears to much of sexy stuffs. Like a Malay's saying "measure your coat on your own person", not every outfit can fit a person nicely. Have you noticed before a person A when wearing an outfit C doesn't look sexy and inappropriate like person B? Some of cloth does not fit you and looks stupid when you wear it. Why you must copy another person, you are as what you are. Create your personality indeed. 

Ouh back to the topic, what I am try to say is the competitor or the dancers should not wear inappropriate stuffs and showing off to much. Some of that outfit looking great to you. Well it is all depends. I don't want anymore, public will have negative thoughts again. It is not a fault to you to make a pole dance as your art and hobby. Instead, we can see now there are competitions held in through out our country and again yeah I support it is always held in pub and disco again. Why the organizers did not held in some of appropriate places like gymnasium or studio right? Ahh well, maybe they think public still cannot accept pole dance yet. I do not say it all, but majority of them still against it and even my parent.

Now pole dance is one of the type performing art in Malaysia, big cities like Kuala Lumpur, Kelang, Sri Hartamas have offered the workshop. Pole dance now it is a type of fitness and it is good for cardiovascular strength, build muscle and tone, burn the calories and reduce your stress. So make it as your hobby. I know one workshop offer at Kuala Lumpur near Sri Hartamas. The workshop name is VIVA VERTICAL. They offer not only pole dance but tease dance, flyoga, and aerial arts as well. The have good and professional instructors as well. Here it is a link to you explore more details :

For what I know, I had found they had conduct several activities and competitions. Here it is one of the performer under Viva Vertical :

Another video perform by pole dancer Anastasia Shukhtorova

Now some of the country had made pole dance one of the famous fitness to reduce calories and one of the exercise that arises among them. Countries such as China and Japan had aware the benefits of this dance.

There is an issue to include pole dance is one of the Olympic game like a gymnastic. So I don't know yet the issue. So pole dance..what you think??
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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Hi, everyone. Long times I leave my blog with no new updates. So I really miss to write some. Here I am, back again to post about name in other languages. Some might sound funny, dull, weird and even hate to speak it, but some are gourgeous :) So, first of all I will share mine first, if you interested click on the links that I've provided below. So happy playing yaa 

 My Korean Name : Noh Soo Seul
Test Your Korean Name Now :)

 My Japanese Name : 飯野 Iino (rice plains) 明日香 Asuka (fragrance of the bright day)
Test Your Japanese Name Now :)

My Spanish Name : Dolores Povedilla Heredia
Test Your Spanish Name Now :)

My Egyptian Name : Dendera (from Dendera)
Test Your Egyptian Name Now :)

My Germany Name : Andrea Osterhagen
Test Your Germany Name Now :)

My Greek Name : Fedora
Test Your Greek Name Now :)

My Irish Name :  Niamh Coburn
Test Your Irish Name Now :)

My Roman Name : Cornelia Secunda
Test Your Roman Name Now :)

My Swedish Name : Doris Andersson
Test Your Swedish Name Now :)

My Latin Name : Concordia Nequam
Test Your Latin Name Now :)

My Italian Name : Eleonora Francesco Malfatti
Test Your Italian Name Now :)

 My Hungarian Name : Veres Andrea
Test Your Hungarian Name Now :)

My French Name : Fran�oise Simone Delacroix
Test Your French Name Now :)

My Mexican Name : Nora Lopez
Test Your Mexican Name Now :)

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