Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lets Dance : POLE DANCE


Pole dance is a form of performing art and it is believed started in America in the 1920s. It is a type of art that combining a dance with gymnastics and involves with acrobatic tricks using vertical pole which nowadays becoming a popular fitness dance. A wide range of amateurs and professional competitions had held around the world. If we watch the pole dance movements, we can see it influenced by Chinese pole a type of acrobatics that is performed in cabaret or circus. 


It is so fascinating movements, I like gymnastics since I was small and did not missed to watch gymnasts performed during in any games. I like it because I am so impressed with gymnasts they can perform numerous flexible movements. At first, I had bad thoughts about pole dance. Usually pole dance is associated with negative things. Nude pole dancer perform in some of pubs, GROs, prostitutes, drugs and all other illegal activities always embellish in every newspaper headlines. So, Malaysian usually thought it is associated with sensuality and they tend to think like close-minded without thinking precisely. 

Actually in all every things, if we use it in incorrect way so it will turn to negative but if use in correct way so it will a positive thing. It is all depend on us, whether we want to use and know how to create positive opportunities in positive ways. So it is not a fault to do it, don't it? Of course as a Orient people, that are a lot of aesthetics values, courtesy and manners we need to consider of. Back to pole dance, of course it is not nice to you perform this dance in front of public with intention to seduce, shows sensuous and wears to much of sexy stuffs. Like a Malay's saying "measure your coat on your own person", not every outfit can fit a person nicely. Have you noticed before a person A when wearing an outfit C doesn't look sexy and inappropriate like person B? Some of cloth does not fit you and looks stupid when you wear it. Why you must copy another person, you are as what you are. Create your personality indeed. 

Ouh back to the topic, what I am try to say is the competitor or the dancers should not wear inappropriate stuffs and showing off to much. Some of that outfit looking great to you. Well it is all depends. I don't want anymore, public will have negative thoughts again. It is not a fault to you to make a pole dance as your art and hobby. Instead, we can see now there are competitions held in through out our country and again yeah I support it is always held in pub and disco again. Why the organizers did not held in some of appropriate places like gymnasium or studio right? Ahh well, maybe they think public still cannot accept pole dance yet. I do not say it all, but majority of them still against it and even my parent.

Now pole dance is one of the type performing art in Malaysia, big cities like Kuala Lumpur, Kelang, Sri Hartamas have offered the workshop. Pole dance now it is a type of fitness and it is good for cardiovascular strength, build muscle and tone, burn the calories and reduce your stress. So make it as your hobby. I know one workshop offer at Kuala Lumpur near Sri Hartamas. The workshop name is VIVA VERTICAL. They offer not only pole dance but tease dance, flyoga, and aerial arts as well. The have good and professional instructors as well. Here it is a link to you explore more details :

For what I know, I had found they had conduct several activities and competitions. Here it is one of the performer under Viva Vertical :

Another video perform by pole dancer Anastasia Shukhtorova

Now some of the country had made pole dance one of the famous fitness to reduce calories and one of the exercise that arises among them. Countries such as China and Japan had aware the benefits of this dance.

There is an issue to include pole dance is one of the Olympic game like a gymnastic. So I don't know yet the issue. So pole dance..what you think??
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