Thursday, January 26, 2012


Hi, everyone. Long times I leave my blog with no new updates. So I really miss to write some. Here I am, back again to post about name in other languages. Some might sound funny, dull, weird and even hate to speak it, but some are gourgeous :) So, first of all I will share mine first, if you interested click on the links that I've provided below. So happy playing yaa 

 My Korean Name : Noh Soo Seul
Test Your Korean Name Now :)

 My Japanese Name : 飯野 Iino (rice plains) 明日香 Asuka (fragrance of the bright day)
Test Your Japanese Name Now :)

My Spanish Name : Dolores Povedilla Heredia
Test Your Spanish Name Now :)

My Egyptian Name : Dendera (from Dendera)
Test Your Egyptian Name Now :)

My Germany Name : Andrea Osterhagen
Test Your Germany Name Now :)

My Greek Name : Fedora
Test Your Greek Name Now :)

My Irish Name :  Niamh Coburn
Test Your Irish Name Now :)

My Roman Name : Cornelia Secunda
Test Your Roman Name Now :)

My Swedish Name : Doris Andersson
Test Your Swedish Name Now :)

My Latin Name : Concordia Nequam
Test Your Latin Name Now :)

My Italian Name : Eleonora Francesco Malfatti
Test Your Italian Name Now :)

 My Hungarian Name : Veres Andrea
Test Your Hungarian Name Now :)

My French Name : Fran�oise Simone Delacroix
Test Your French Name Now :)

My Mexican Name : Nora Lopez
Test Your Mexican Name Now :)

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How To Maintain Long Distance Relationship

Schedule communication

The quality and quantity of communication with your woman will need to increase substantially when you embark on long-distance relationships. Be prepared for this increase in verbal Olympics. Make sure your phone bill is ready as well by switching to a new cell phone plan with unlimited long distance or make sure your landline carrier is providing the best rates. You will need to be on the same page with your girl as far as frequency goes; will you speak three times a week or once a day? If you’re not on the same page, one party will feel slighted and an insurmountable rift will begin to develop between the two of you that will make the physical distance seem minuscule.

During long-distance relationships you'll want to go ahead and physically schedule communication time on your calendar. Your relationship is certainly as important as any other meeting you may have written down. If you have to miss a “date,” be sure to let her know just as you would any business contact. Bridges are especially easy to burn from so far away. Try closing the gap with video chat, such as or

Schedule visits

Visits act like mini-ends. A weekend together is vitally important at least once every six weeks. For all the Jetson-like qualities of video chat, there is no plug-in to replicate touch or smell -- at least not yet. And since smell is the strongest sense tied to memory, you’ll want to keep up physical relations during long-distance relationships. A trip to visit your significant other every once in a while shows her that you still care, and that she’s still very important to you no matter how far away she is.

Don’t just go and visit each other though. Instead, try to create something uniquely you. Taking mutual vacations away from your respective lives creates newness in your relationship and keeps it progressing. It’s important that your relationship continues to grow, not just maintains, despite the distance.

Raise your trust level

When living a great deal of your lives away from each other in a long distance relationship it’s natural that you develop some of your once-laudable independent tendencies. Proceed with caution, however, since she’s going to be developing the same independent instincts. Stories will begin to revolve around people you’ve never heard of and she’ll begin to take on certain characteristics you won’t recognize. Your role will change slightly as well. In a proximal relationship of this caliber, most of your free time is spent with each other.

If you were in charge of planning dates and filling free time, someone else is going to be filling that role. It’s not an attack against you, so try not to show too much jealousy. Let her know you still care and love your role in her life, but you can’t be an anchor from hundreds of miles away.

long-distance lovin'

When it comes to long-distance relationships the name of the game is prioritizing what’s important to the both of you. If it’s family or a relationship that you find occupying the top spot, great, but you’ll have to sacrifice your career a little bit. If you are both career-oriented people and can put your relationship on the back burner for a while, then a long-distance relationship may be for you. It’s all about weighing the ups and downs associated with what you want from your life.

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What Colours Are You

Most unwanted hair color disasters are often due to the lack of understanding about the basic hair coloring "laws" and how they apply to coloring hair. I will try not to get too technical, so follow along carefully and re-read any area that you are not sure about until you understand it thoroughly.

Levels - What They Are And How They Impact Hair Color

Levels are the degree of lightness or darkness of a color that is reflected or seen by the eye.
Hair color is assigned a Level number ranging from1 to 10 with 1 being black and 10 lightest blonde.
In other words, black reflects very little light and lightest blonde reflects the greatest amount of light.
A level 10 blonde would be 'two steps lighter' than a level 8 blonde.  This system of levels applies to all colors and almost all brands commonly found.

Permanent Hair Color

Permanent is just what it means. This makes a permanent change in the pigment of the hair shaft.  It does not wash out.
It will fade in time, but cannot be simply removed to "bring back" your natural color.  All hair that has been colored in this way has the natural color pigments irreversibly chemically altered.
It can be removed, leaving the altered hair shaft pigments, which can be "corrective colored" back close to the original color.
This is a job which should be left to the Pros Only.  It can be one visit or many visits to the salon to try to correct a bad color job, it is expensive and is hard on the hair to varying degrees.

How Hair Is Lightened

Since it has been established that the 'new' color is a combination of your old color level and tone (referred to as our 'base' color) and the new color that is deposited into the hair, you must take into account what happens when you lighten or lift the base color to another level and deposit the new pigments into the hair shaft.
When hair is lightened it goes through several stages of lightening from the darkest to the lightest from a base of blue in the case of natural black to pale blonde with the palest of yellow as its base color.
This lightening process fractures the color pigment creating undertones that are unwanted.

Before coloring it's best to practice sectioning off thin parts of hair 1/4 to 1/2 inch in width depending on the density of the hair.
Apply conditioner to your hair a few days before doing the actual coloring to get the hang of handling a hair color applicator bottle.
In the case of thick long hair, get a friend to help.
A clarifying treatment to remove buildup in the hair should always be done before coloring.  Always follow the manufacturer's instructions.
On long hair, the ends are always more porous than the rest.   Apply color to the mid lengths from about 1 inch from the scalp and apply the color to the ends as the last step.
Follow this procedure because the scalp will process faster due to the heat of the body and the insulating effect of long hair on the scalp.  Here there is no help like experience.
Even just doing the test strands or working on your friends will teach an amateur colorist a lot if  you will be observant and patient.
Very thick, long hair, may have to be colored in sections, rinsed and the uncolored hair dried to allow color to be applied to the rest.
Be sure not to re-color already colored hair and observe timing exactly.


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Hair Fashion for 2012 - Seems very hot !

Bouffant Bun
Haven't washed your hair this week? We know: Life gets hectic over the holidays. Luckily, all you need is a round brush, some shine serum, and a spritz of hairspray to tame fly-aways and you'll be the belle of the ball once again. This sleek bun is perfect if you're running late to a Friday night dinner party.

Casual French Twist
This easy-to-do chignon is girly and pretty. Pros: It's great for a low-back dress, it takes under five minutes to complete, and it'll still look good if you get caught in the rain. Cons: It won't take long for your BFF to rush to a mirror and steal your look!

A little curling, a lot of teasing, and voila! Nothing says sexy like big, voluminous hair. Save this show-stopping 'do for New Year's Eve and play up the sex appeal with dangly earrings and a chic body-con dress.

Embellished Headband
Channel 1970s glam, and spice up even the simplest party dress by parting pin-straight hair down the middle and wearing a shimmery, lacy headband to a festive event, like your city's tree lighting ceremony.

Multiple-Braid Bun
Here at Marie Claire, we go ga-ga for braids! Although this hairstyle takes some time (and a lot of skill), we're loving the crown-to-ear fishtail plaits that end in one big (can we call it a low-knot?) bun. A swanky Christmas party would be the perfect place to rock this hair.

Happy New Year everyone.
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Sunday, January 1, 2012



Mixing emotions. So hard to believe I'm now turn 20 this year on 2011, and I slapped my face    told to myself I'm not longer a teen now, becoming a young adult was really challenging. A lot you got to learn, to experience and to face something. So on 9 October 2011 it was a day my new life begin- university life. At first, this is really a new thing for me, to adapt and to accept new environment was really a torturing scene in my head. Every night I was crying, because of homesick. Even though  I got meet new friends, and they were so kind to accompany and sometimes trying coaxing me, it's not that easy. As a result, nearly 3 weeks I would like to choose to be alone, thinking, crying and live as an ascetic. So, I couldn't stand anymore, I ask my mother to make a Skype account so that when I felt homesick, I will skyping with her. Later, I'm gradually can manage my new life and learn to accept a new thing around me. My university is not that so prestige as Harvard University, just moderate and good enough as a place what we called ' university ' . I like the life here. Ouh by the way, I forget to tell something, at my university I am taking Bachelor of Arts ( Hons ) English Education. Well don't ask me why I take this course. The thing is, I'm also got no words to say why I'm choosing it. So I'm just plan to become a lecturer one day. That's my dream. I hope at least I can pursue until I get a Master. So, I thought learn a English course was a easy thing, if  you thought the same way, get lost ! It's not that easy, a lot of new things and a very very very rare thing you will meet up and sometimes you will wondering what the hell this subject for. But, this is what I said a new life, new things so you got to learn, to experience and to face it. I think it's not a waste, it's not a something stupid to learn new things even though you feel it doesn't make sense to you. Perhaps, that 'something' will be useful to you in future, who knows right? So, I am now on holiday. Semester break. On 15 January 2012 I will start a new semester. Hope that I am strong enough to face all the barriers, all the walls, all the problems, all the challenging journey on my life, in my pray, dear God, bless me and have a merciful on me to achieve and to fulfill my dream with safe. This is not for me, but I'm doing this for my parent. Love you mum and dad. 

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