Thursday, January 26, 2012


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Hi, everyone. Long times I leave my blog with no new updates. So I really miss to write some. Here I am, back again to post about name in other languages. Some might sound funny, dull, weird and even hate to speak it, but some are gourgeous :) So, first of all I will share mine first, if you interested click on the links that I've provided below. So happy playing yaa 

 My Korean Name : Noh Soo Seul
Test Your Korean Name Now :)

 My Japanese Name : 飯野 Iino (rice plains) 明日香 Asuka (fragrance of the bright day)
Test Your Japanese Name Now :)

My Spanish Name : Dolores Povedilla Heredia
Test Your Spanish Name Now :)

My Egyptian Name : Dendera (from Dendera)
Test Your Egyptian Name Now :)

My Germany Name : Andrea Osterhagen
Test Your Germany Name Now :)

My Greek Name : Fedora
Test Your Greek Name Now :)

My Irish Name :  Niamh Coburn
Test Your Irish Name Now :)

My Roman Name : Cornelia Secunda
Test Your Roman Name Now :)

My Swedish Name : Doris Andersson
Test Your Swedish Name Now :)

My Latin Name : Concordia Nequam
Test Your Latin Name Now :)

My Italian Name : Eleonora Francesco Malfatti
Test Your Italian Name Now :)

 My Hungarian Name : Veres Andrea
Test Your Hungarian Name Now :)

My French Name : Fran�oise Simone Delacroix
Test Your French Name Now :)

My Mexican Name : Nora Lopez
Test Your Mexican Name Now :)

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