Sunday, January 1, 2012


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Mixing emotions. So hard to believe I'm now turn 20 this year on 2011, and I slapped my face    told to myself I'm not longer a teen now, becoming a young adult was really challenging. A lot you got to learn, to experience and to face something. So on 9 October 2011 it was a day my new life begin- university life. At first, this is really a new thing for me, to adapt and to accept new environment was really a torturing scene in my head. Every night I was crying, because of homesick. Even though  I got meet new friends, and they were so kind to accompany and sometimes trying coaxing me, it's not that easy. As a result, nearly 3 weeks I would like to choose to be alone, thinking, crying and live as an ascetic. So, I couldn't stand anymore, I ask my mother to make a Skype account so that when I felt homesick, I will skyping with her. Later, I'm gradually can manage my new life and learn to accept a new thing around me. My university is not that so prestige as Harvard University, just moderate and good enough as a place what we called ' university ' . I like the life here. Ouh by the way, I forget to tell something, at my university I am taking Bachelor of Arts ( Hons ) English Education. Well don't ask me why I take this course. The thing is, I'm also got no words to say why I'm choosing it. So I'm just plan to become a lecturer one day. That's my dream. I hope at least I can pursue until I get a Master. So, I thought learn a English course was a easy thing, if  you thought the same way, get lost ! It's not that easy, a lot of new things and a very very very rare thing you will meet up and sometimes you will wondering what the hell this subject for. But, this is what I said a new life, new things so you got to learn, to experience and to face it. I think it's not a waste, it's not a something stupid to learn new things even though you feel it doesn't make sense to you. Perhaps, that 'something' will be useful to you in future, who knows right? So, I am now on holiday. Semester break. On 15 January 2012 I will start a new semester. Hope that I am strong enough to face all the barriers, all the walls, all the problems, all the challenging journey on my life, in my pray, dear God, bless me and have a merciful on me to achieve and to fulfill my dream with safe. This is not for me, but I'm doing this for my parent. Love you mum and dad. 

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