Thursday, December 20, 2012

Artwork of Photography

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20 December 2012

I woke up early in the morning. Blank at first,mind was empty and stared my mom cut the kuih. What is 'kuih' then? (for my viewers other than Malaysia) is a word that carries a meaning a dessert that made by Malay people mainly the main ingredient using a flour the most. Currently not only Malays can do this kuih but nowadays I believe other cultures exist in Malaysia, they do knew how to do it and even far more better than original Malays' one because they upgrading the ingredients, taste and appearance as well to make it looks nice and attractive. Okay, enough procrastinating about the word 'kuih', the main thing here is about the artwork of my photography today.

I do own my first DSLR. Nikon D5100 model with basis lens 18-55mm. I bought the camera that come together with a lens. Basically, most my professional friends said that if you wishing to buy a DSLR later on, they advise you to buy it separately means the body and the lens. I think it costs a lot and run off from my budget that is the reason why I am not buying like this. Nearly 3 months I guess I bought the camera. I dare and proud to say this, I am not so pro to use it yet and I am still a beginner and a lot to learn. Photography is not just merely you read and 'google' how to operate the DSLR only, but it far most work out if you always experimenting by using your camera. Of course it is a bonus if do some of reading of the skills.

The panorama picture above is one of my artwork today. Suddenly after I stared my mom cutting the kuih, my mind was thinking to do some photo shoot today. I think it must be nice to capture some pictures in a morning where you get natural light from sunlight. The effect that you will got is so amazing and stunning. I think without the use of speedlight is enough already to make your pictures so brilliant like you are professional photographer. Okay I will put some of my best pictures that I captured today. I am using Nikon D5100 with 18-55mm lens (basis). 

The weird thing is when you operate the DSLR not necessarily you bound and follow exactly like the function of the features of the camera. Believe or not, I am using Scene Mode for Pet the most in my pictures even though I do not capture a picture of animal. I stressed again here, photography is like an experiment in order to become professional and you capable to snap pictures in a fast working state by knowing which one features to be use is a pro. For me, of course I a bit slower and need to test again and again whenever I change the mode of the capture setting. You must really understand and know your own camera. Imagine you are in a wedding ceremony that require you to shoot instant pictures quickly or otherwise you will miss out beautiful event and this will makes your client unsatisfying with your artwork isn't it? Okay here it is my photos. Hope you like it and have a look :)

The last picture is what kuih is and in fact there are some others too.

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