Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December and It's Christmas

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It's December and Christmas

I am glad that I were born in a month of December. Seems like everything that I owned and possessed I really happy about that. Ouh I wish that one day I can bring my family migrate to some of other Europe countries perhaps. Why? Of course, I would like to experience snowy weather. Some feel that sucks, yeah it is abstract and depend on people. I am glad to have a snowy weather on December, so for sure I have to choose countries that experience Winter solstice on that month. I think being Decemberians were awesome! Now do not get me wrong, I am sure no matter what month you were in, you are still awesome as you are. It is great to born in December because in my perspective of view, people will cherish on this month with Christmas, eagerly to wait for New Year with new hopes and resolutions and of course my birthday yeah. Desperately, wishing one day I will get an opportunity with all my family go vacation to some of other Europe countries as I really like traveling but ouh hohoho I know my parents would not let me go alone even though at this age I should be more independent and do many things. ( Disappointed somehow..urgh )

It's my birthday! Does that button makes me happy enough? In fact let see first how it works. I am thinking that is not gonna work out. I told you my parents are so particular and I do not know why. Not blaming them to much but perhaps there is a strong reason. Anyway mom & dad I still love both yall just can both of you be "tame" enough to let me try new things in this world. Do not be afraid as I am your only daughter, I am yours that created with your colours and of course I won't forget what you teach me of do(s) and don't(s). Okay enough of procrastinating, I am glad to have my university friends because they celebrate my birthday. I do not expect much but really thankful to have them at least what they are is not like what parents are. My parents didn't celebrate you know. As I said I do not expect much but the efforts really far more can be appreciate isn't it? So on 14 December 2012 they do celebrated it. It's belated birthday. Yeah, must admit that you did a great job. I can't even smell the flaws and you all are good pretenders in creating drama and lie to me. Should received an award! Thanks yall. Appreciate it. So somehow you must be thankful to have friends, even though your friends perhaps are not friends that you want, what you expect them how o behave but they are really they. Learn to accept individual variations. Live happily and you can be happy.

So, what I got for gifts :

Ouh the cake is really nice indeed, last year they brough me a chocolate but for this year is a cheese cake. Nah that is so nice. Thanks for everything.

Ouh Ouh Ouh, have you all noticed that! On my Home page here at my blog I put a flying Santa with his deer plus a snowy flakes fall down in my homepage.

P/S : Merry Christmas to everyone with ❤

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