Friday, September 23, 2011


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Hye, everyone has their own dreams ƹ̵̡ӝ̵̨̄ʒ include me of course . Meow ! So I hope I would be the expertise in fashion and beauty industry. Maybe Im a fashion designer, busy for project runaways, international fashion shows, boutiques, business, broadcasting, photography, fashion adviser and consultant, fashion buyer adviser and ouhh that's too much !! 【★】Well it's not something impossible, anything can be in your hands if you have the power of OUH YEAH. Aww. I like my life surrounding with glamour world and  I realize that it's something.. a dream that you find many barriers to overcome and you have to be strong enough. Know how to take and use opportunities in front of you, ouh and not forget too, we must find the opportunity to keep us beyond. 

Actually I have the opportunity to reach my precious dream. I should be enrol at LIMKOKWING UNIVERSITY OF CREATIVE AND TECHNOLOGY at Cyberjaya, Malaysia on July intake 2011. But how come, I cannot betrayed my parent. They were not convinced in this industry and need to be survive and strong enough backup if anything went down in fashion industry. Ya really, I know it too and I realize it okayy. This is Malaysia not Japan or France where a fashion industry is the huge economy sector of the country. So, is it wrong if I become the pioneer ? So I just really broke down ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ Look Farah Khan, Melinda Looi, Jimmy Choo, Zhang Thoi and Alexandrea Yeo all are top Malaysia fashion designers today. Other than that, I've another precious opportunity, commercial model for online clothing, photography model and acting. All my parent banned it !! Gosh.Story about this I admit right know I feel very scorching and mad. Sorry mother..I scold you just a minute ago because you asking me in incorrect time.Sorry. Everyone don't understand me. YOU..YOURSELF you the best person who know you are. LOVE YOURSELF before you love someone else because everybody have their goods and bads. Sometimes what bads are not totally bads. You are come as what you are. Apart of this, so let me introduce you my family relation whom are actress and model.


She was my cute cousin who just at 25. She was a success woman. Own landscape company and she was a CEO. Appear in some of magazine for modelling photography and local newspaper. Congrat dear, much❤ 

And not forget my vogue aunty LYNDA HELMY as a part time actress. Long time ago she was full time celebrity for 1990's. Now she worked as HONG LEONG ASSURANCE Director. Sorry cannot upload your pictures mama, this stupido facebook went wrong.

I ❤ PHOTOGRAPHY. Taking pictures. And most I love be a person to pose in front of the camera meow rawr...




So I like something new fashion. In my blog I will keep goin update post about this. So if everyone wanna seek something new can read my blog. If you wanna check out some beautiful fashion collection please feel free to visit my TUMBLR WEBSITE.

                          THE END OF de STORY. k byee

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