Monday, September 26, 2011


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Get inspired by just looking at our fav celebrities? Or just like this pictures model ( above )? Or you feel like you've to turn around again because you just caught up by the gorgeous beauty young lady passed beside you ? Dear don't worry you are too can be imperfectly beautiful as you are. You just need courage, willingness, believe in yourself and confident to make a change.Have a feeling 'fit into your looks in every your outfits' so then will come the confident. Sweety you need to be clever in experimental in order to search what type of fashion you are adapt too. Just put into trash your past stand " I just like to wear simple".. " I just don't feel comfortable when someone will look at me".. " I scare to do so, because peoples will comment".. and etc. Dear you deserve to get the best for yourself. Forget what others will saying, this is about you. You are not doing something wrong when you seek for yourself bestie in life don't you? Well it depends on how you adapt it. So let start this.

It's a first start to have a beautiful figure. What peoples said 'Dont judge a book by its cover' . Well i do because it's the start where peoples will have a good thought and figure of you. Besides that, peoples said by looking through the only his (i use this as the general for both sexes) face we can know who is he,how is he and how he's inner heart mirror at his only face. First know your skin carefully. Skin have three types which one of them is oily skin. If you have this, so you need better attention and cares of your skin. Pimples, blackheads, brown spots and pigmentation are general for this type. You need a good facial wash, oil-free cream or lotion and don't forget to supply and bring oil paper blot along with you. Second, dull and dry skin. You need moisturizes cream. It's okay if you want white-based moisturizes cream. If can, avoid alcohol based cream. It just will make your face don't glow brighten. The last is the type of the combination of the two. Usually this happen only at T-zone ( cheeks, nose, forehead and chin) which is oily skin while the other is dry skin. Don't worry, you focus on the T-Zone first,avoid further oily skin with oil-free compact powder rich with SPF20. Please don't choose SPF higher than 30.


Whether you are free-hair or wearing a shawl person, you must have a healthy and shiny hair. The healthy hair start with the healthy scalp. So you should wash your hair at least 3 times per week. Provide your hair with vitamins such as vit C and A to have a healthy at every strand of your hairs. Buy mousse, hair spray and serum to keep hair in style and provide it with daily nutrients. Have your own hairdresser? Ask them to check out your hair every week with advises and tips to take care of your hair. Plus a bonus if they know how to stylish your hair according to what type of cuts you can fit into you.

So that's just the simple basic you should have. The main point is I want to expose how to work out on fashion.

Choose this outfits : It seems popular on runaway today so I just give you some that related to it.

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